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Executive Coaching with heart, soul and a little humor.



Coaching is a confidential service so all these testimonials have been reproduced with the express permission of the authors.


"Working with Julia enabled me to work through and challenge the fear that paralyzed me from returning to graduate school after having children. I felt very stuck in my life as a mother yet longed for more, but I just didn't know how to get out of it. Julia helped me map out what it was I wanted, where I wanted to go in my life, and how I was to get there. She helped me come up with simple, achievable goals along the way that ultimately put me on the path to success. I am now enrolled in graduate school (starting in 2 weeks!), and am very excited about my future. I really don't know where I would be without Julia. I know for sure that I would likely still be very stuck in the fear of leaving my children (which Julia loved me and supported me through), and caught in the web of procrastination (which she challenged by getting down to what’s behind it). I am so grateful for my time with Julia, and highly recommend her to anyone needing a change in their lives."


Deanna Schilling 


"Having Julia on my side during a career change made all the difference. She’s direct and honest and guided me successfully toward my financial and career goals. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to make a career change or shift in their life"


Allison E. 


"My sessions with Julia were great. I'm the type of person who has trouble letting people inside my comfort zone, but Julia respected my feelings and knew how to get me to relax and let down my guard, so I could step outside my own set boundaries. I fully recommend Julia's sessions, if you are having any thoughts about your existing career, or thinking of making a huge leap in a totally different direction. She is a great listener"



"I am delighted to recommend Julia Vidakovic as a business coach for... entrepreneurs.  I have worked with her from April 2007 ... and I continue to work with her today.  It is one thing to take a business course and then launch a business without coaching support.  It is much better, and the business will be much more likely to survive if the entrepreneur is able to obtain coaching support for at least the first two years running the business, for it is when the business is launched that the difficulties truly arise.


Julia deeply understands the business problems the would-be entrepreneur must surmount, including setting up financial and administrative systems, marketing, selling products or services, creating effective post-sale systems, and long term planning.  In addition, Julia is especially aware that the new business person must also conquer emotional challenges and fears as he or she launches out into the emotionally unfamiliar territory of being a business owner...


As I have faced each of these problems and challenges, I have found that Julia is one of my most valuable resources.  Combining and optimistic approach to problems and challenges with an expert knowledge of all the difficulties one faces, Julia has helped me generate practical and effective solutions to all of the abovementioned situations.  Each solution has considerably advanced my business.

If you are looking for a business coach for new entrepreneurs, they don’t come any better than Julia."

Tim Cunningham 
Dayspring Investments Ltd.


"I say that she is the perfect coach; she cracks the whip, keeps the ship on course and weathers all the storms that come along, bringing us safely into port. I am looking forward to further adventures with Ms. Vidakovic ... and I would not hesitate to stand behind her in recommending her talents ... It has worked for me."

A.G. - CEO 


"I wish the English language had a word that carried  100 times the strength of "thank you very much," because I would use that word for you. Your bright spark offers jump starts, illumination, and inspiration. Thank you for being what you are."

John Barazzuol 
Inspirational speaker,

Workshop facilitator and author of ’Spiritpower‘.


"Julia’s coaching has helped me realize, and identify the work that I am passionate about.  

Through the coaching process she guided me through goal setting, helping me realize markets for my work, and have the confidence to move forward in new directions.

Coaching has helped me move towards work that is meaningful in my life"


Business Executive Coaching


When you hold back on life, life holds back on you.

- Mary Manin Morrissey


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