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Executive Coaching to develop the entrepreneurial skills you need to succeed.


The life of an entrepreneurial business owner is a challenging one.  You wear many hats and fill many roles as you start and then grow your business.  


Our founder Julia Vidakovic, CEC ACC, is the entrepreneurs coach.  An entrepreneur herself she knows first hand what it takes to create, start and grow a successful business.  In the past five years alone she has helped over 60 businesses start, grow and prosper.  


She brings with her a wealth of first hand experience and through her coaching, supports and guides you as you start, plan and grow your company.


Julia knows how important cash flow and customers are to your company and she also appreciates how hard it is to find and and then retain them.  Through her coaching she helps you develop as an entrepreneur, so you can go out and grow your business, achieving then exceeding your own goals.

Here’s what one of Bright Spark’s clients has to say... reproduced with permission


"I am delighted to recommend Julia Vidakovic as a business coach for... entrepreneurs. I have worked with her from April 2007 ... and I continue to work with her today. It is one thing to take a business course and then launch a business without coaching support. It is much better, and the business will be much more likely to survive if the entrepreneur is able to obtain coaching support for at least the first two years running the business, for it is when the business is launched that the difficulties truly arise.

Julia deeply understands the business problems the would-be entrepreneur must surmount, including setting up financial and administrative systems, marketing, selling products or services, creating effective post-sale systems, and long term planning. In addition, Julia is especially aware that the new business person must also conquer emotional challenges and fears as he or she launches out into the emotionally unfamiliar territory of being a business owner...

As I have faced each of these problems and challenges, I have found that Julia is one of my most valuable resources. Combining and optimistic approach to problems and challenges with an expert knowledge of all the difficulties one faces, Julia has helped me generate practical and effective solutions to all of the abovementioned situations. Each solution has considerably advanced my business.

If you are looking for a business coach for new entrepreneurs, they don’t come any better than Julia.

Tim Cunningham
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