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Coaching to Create Entrepreneurial Leaders and Culture.


Corporations and large complex organizations by their very nature need structure and frameworks to operate successfully, but these very attributes can also cause an organization to slow and in extreme cases become paralyzed and unable to react, develop and change to meet market demands.  


Creating Franchise Entrepreneurs to Achieve Extraordinary Results 


To franchisee’s developing the right entrepreneurial skills and business know-how can make the difference between a good business and one that is thriving.  And when an individual franchise thrives, everyone benefits.


BrightSpark Consulting works with franchise owners to develop ways to learn and apply marketing and sales skills while developing and integrating the entrepreneurial skills needed to help franchisee’s succeed.  


BrightSpark Consulting also works with individual franchise holders to gain the business and entrepreneurial skills to thrive.  

When you succeed everybody wins.


Creating Intrapreneurs to Lead, Grow, Manage and Develop your Business


Developing selected entrepreneurial skills in the right places can help your organization keep moving while maintaining the structures and frameworks needed to successfully manage multiple locations, departments, resources, products and people. 


Entrepreneurial skills, attributes and beliefs can be used to; create and maintain vision; develop extraordinary leaders and leadership; foster flexibility and quick thinking; maintain and expand customer base; implement exceptional customer care; develop managers and staff; increase staff motivation, empowerment and retention... the possibilities are endless.


With a philosophy of inclusiveness BrightSpark Inc has the capability and capacity to deliver excellent coaching and self-development solutions individually, locally and nationally by leveraging its network of ICF accredited Executive coaches.  


Using a coach approach we work with you to create unique programs and delivery methods that develop and foster entrepreneurship within your top teams, branches and departments; using entrepreneurship as a lever to propel your organization forward.


Here’s what one of our customers says - reproduced with kind permission:


I say that she is the perfect coach; she cracks the whip, keeps the ship on course and weathers all the storms that come along, bringing us safely into port. I am looking forward to further adventures with Ms. Vidakovic ... and I would not hesitate to stand behind her in recommending her talents ... It has worked for me. 

A.G. - CEO

Business Executive Coaching


Success or failure in business is caused more by the mental attitude even than by mental capacities 

- Walter Scott 


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